Best Meal of our Lives

Wednesday evening another wwoof volunteer and 2 other volunteers arrived. I think our volunteer house is about full now with 8 people, but we still don’t really see anyone outside of meals and work. I guess they just lay around reading in their rooms. No tvs. No internet.

After a dinner of vegan sushi and an assortment of other strange things, Mackenzie and I took off on foot down the forest path toward the abbaye with one goal in mind…to eat like normal people. We made it to a cafe after 20 minutes. The walk was lovely and the rain rarely ceased entirely. We grabbed a table inside with a nice view out the window of a beautiful chateau and lake across the street. We both ordered cokes and I got chocolate mousse while Mackenzie got a gigantic ham and cheese omelette. One of the best meals of our lives. Period. It was a great end to the day. We may have to sneak back there. Well, at least it feels like sneaking.

Chocolate mousse

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