Last Day at The Count’s Forest

Today is our last day at Bois le Comte and we couldn’t be happier!

The beginning of the week went by pretty quickly, but unfortunately the last few days were marred by some negative interactions with Luc. Instead of dwelling on those, however, we prefer to remember the reasons we enjoyed the past two weeks and the people who impacted our trip for the better!

We enjoyed ending our loooong days with Belgian beers and discussions on the the porch with Adam, Dominique, Tine (pronounced Tina), and Ineke – a camper at Bois le Comte. A few other characters made it more interesting now and then. Simone danced in the grass as I played a rendition of the Pink Panther on trumpet. A birthday party in the dining hall was complete with a trumpet finale. The random guest from Kansas provided some funny banter and interesting conversation in our first week. Dominique can’t wait to come to America so he can try Wendy’s. Adam taught us more about India and Australia than we learned about Belgium. Vegans must be really indifferent to flavor as they don’t get a lot of it in their food. I think we are authorities on that as we have had top of the line professionally prepared meals here. It’s been a strange 2 weeks and a number of negative aspects could be remembered, but we’ll try to take the positives away from Southern Belgium and try to stay in touch with the great people we shared the experiences with. Can’t wait to rip into some sort of meaty dish tomorrow! Even pizza sounds amazing!

Ready to work

P.S. – One thing Mackenzie won’t miss about this place is my horrible, intoxicating gas due to all of this strange food.

P.S.S. – We just finished our last meal here and wow was it good! We got a new chef this afternoon and tonight’s dinner was packed with flavor. Mackenzie still avoided the wonderful parts like onion, tomato, and ate lots of rice instead.

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