Another WWOOFing Surprise

Only one month left of our travels. Yesterday we relaxed quite a bit. We slept late and lazed around a little. We went into the centre and did a little gift shopping and then returned to our apartment for a spaghetti lunch. After a little more lazing around, we headed out to the beach. We decided to try a different spot for our final day so we took a little tourist train to Plava Laguna. Plava Laguna is home to a really nice resort and it ended up being perfect for our last day of sunbathing. The water was refreshingly cool.

Taking the train over to Plava Laguna

Our last day of swimming and sunbathing

We stayed out there for a few hours and then headed back toward Poreč to catch dinner and the sunset. There was a restaurant close to our apartment which had the perfect view of the sunset over the sea – incidentally it was called Sunset Restaurant… a little reminiscent of The Oasis, but cheaper! It was a lovely dinner and a gorgeous sunset over the water – a very picturesque end to our vacation from traveling.

Dinner at Sunset Restaurant

Farewell Poreč!

Today we woke early to catch a bus to Ljubljana at 9am. Mihaela’s husband, Alec, was nice enough to drive us to the bus station so that we did not have to walk through the centre with our backpacks. It was close (we could only pay in cash and the nearest ATM was out of order) but we made it on! It was a 4.5 hour ride to Ljubljana. Narrow roads weaving in and out along the coastline made it difficult to get much rest along the way.

Once we finally arrived at the bus station we indulged in a little McDonald’s again and then checked the schedule for our train to Krško (pronounced Kershkoh). We killed a little waiting time with a McFlurry and then went to wait for the train on the platform. It was 30 minutes late. After walking back and forth from 2nd to 1st class through the dining cart we decided to just sit in 1st class – not as glamorous as it sounds. The train was poorly ventilated with no air conditioning. It was not a pleasant 1.5 hour ride to say the least, but there was a gorgeous view of the Sava River and the surrounding countryside. Nathalie picked us up at the train station in Krško and we drove the 15 minutes to the house in Sromlje (Siromleeyay). It was a little bit of a shock at first… there is no running water currently (due to a leak in the water tank) and there is no air conditioning. In fact, the house itself is a work in progress. One might venture to say that it is not fully a house. But Nathalie and John are extremely nice and I think we will really enjoy their company.

More to come about the house, etc. later. Time for bed.

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