On Friday we got up at 5:30am and carried allll of our things down to the metro to get to the airport. Once we arrived we stood in a long line to get our bags checked and then easily made our way through security to grab some breakfast before boarding the plane (on the tarmac). It was a small and quick flight to Madrid and luckily, this time our layover was only a few hours. It seemed like it took forever to board our flight and get going, but eventually we embarked on our terribly long flight (10.5 hours) to Dallas. Once in Dallas we rushed through customs and security only to have our flight delayed an extra 20 minutes – so frustrating to even get on another plane after such a long flight, much less have to wait for it. But we finally boarded, then sat on the tarmac for ages, and at some point took off toward Austin. My parents and Truman(!) greeted us in the parking garage where we exchanged some gifts (port and chorizo!) and then we headed home (with a pit stop at P Terry’s) to get some much needed rest.

It’s a little bittersweet being home – as it always is when we return from being abroad. Portugal was wonderful and there are a lot of things we’ll miss. Portugal is beautiful – warm and genial people; delicious food; incredible landscapes filled with ancient glories of adventurers and explorers. I’ll miss the slower pace of life, the casual walk down the cobblestones to grab a bica (espresso) and bifana. I’ll miss listening to the mournful wail of fado in an intimate, dark bar. Though I didn’t understand the lyrics the emotion still grabbed me. I’ll miss drinking a cerveja with each meal (or maybe no meal at all) and not caring because I knew we would walk it off as we went up and down the cobbled streets. I’ll miss the genuine warmth and congratulations we received whenever someone discovered we were newlyweds – thanks for the free toasts!

I could go on, but I hope that instead you’ll go visit for yourself and find out why we fell in love with Portugal and its people.

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