Looking Glass Arch

After leaving Bears Ears, we began the drive home. I had one final detour planned south of Moab to give us one last stretch in the sun.

Located near the highway, Looking Glass Rock isn’t obvious like Wilson Arch. It’s not signed or marked in any way. I’m pretty certain Zach thought I was leading us to nothing. But soon, in the distance a monstrosity of sandstone appeared, and I was vindicated.

There were no other cars when we arrived, and again, it felt great to have a place to ourselves. As we climbed up the sandstone toward the final lip of the arch, I chickened out. I got the same fear I’m forced to overcome at Delicate Arch where the sandstone slopes into a gentle bowl. Zach climbed up into the arch with some difficulty after pushing Tru up and they sat on the edge. We heard some climbers’ voices, but never saw them only the shadows of their ropes.

Even still, it was a gorgeous afternoon, and it was nice to drink it all in. Sometimes all you need is to be outside.

Looking Glass Rock
Looking out from the arch

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