Rainy London

It’s been quite a long day.

On our first flight we managed to sit next to one another and were promptly rewarded with a fitful serenade from a toddler the entire three-hour flight.  Then on our overnight flight to London we sat on opposite sides of the plane. Neither one of us received much sleep; a couple of cat naps here and there. We arrived in London around 9:30.  We grabbed our backpacks and headed to the tube.  Since we couldn’t meet up with our London host until later in the evening we carried our backpacks with us all day long. In the misty rain. Needless to say it was quite a bit of work lugging those around all afternoon.

However, the day was a success.  We went to the Tate Modern and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Leaving Dallas!


The Globe

Tate Modern

Tate Modern


Southwark Cathedral

We wandered over toward London Bridge and found Southwark’s Cathedral. Then once we made it to South Croydon – where we are staying – we went to Folly Free House for some beer and fish and chips. Tomorrow we will do some more touristy things and hopefully the weather will be a little brighter and less rainy.

P.S. – Happy Birthday Dad!

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