St. Gallen

Now we are in Switzerland! When we crossed the border at Lindau I saw Lake Constance out the window and was stunned. What a gorgeous landscape. It was like riding through a postcard scene. The water was a beautiful turquoise color and there were mountains in the distance – wow.

We arrived in St. Gallen around 4pm and our host, Cristof, picked us up from the train station – which was awesome! It’s the first time anyone has done that for us this entire trip! We relaxed a little bit at the flat before venturing out. We had plans to meet Roger – a friend of Zach’s dad – at seven so we wandered around the town a little bit. It’s surreal. Everything looks so quintessentially Swiss. We walked inside the main cathedral – wow. It’s one of the most beautiful churches we have been in so far. We walked in during a service so I didn’t take any pictures, but we will go back before we leave.

They left chocolates on our pillows!

Abbey of St. Gall

I love this mural

We met Roger, Josef, and Peter in front of that church and they took us to a restaurant overlooking the entire valley. They had reserved a table to ensure we had the best view while we ate! The view was fantastic – we could see Lake Constance in the distance – and the food was amazing! I had cordon bleu made with St. Gallen cheese and Zach had a huge hunk of lamb. We had the St. Gallen beer, Schutzengarten, and a nice Cabernet also. After our long, European dinner we headed back down the mountain to their favorite place, Tres Amigos, for some margaritas. Not exactly the type of margarita I had expected, but there were delicious; a frozen mango maracuya (passionflower) margarita. We met the owner, David, who is from the Gulf of Mexico and then we surprised Zach’s dad by calling him and passing the phone around the table. It was a fun end to a lovely beginning in Switzerland.

View of Lake Constance

The lovely view around the restaurant

Having margaritas

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