The Hottest Coolest Time in Slovenia

The dinner at Josie’s (the British ex-pat) on Friday night was wonderful. She played hostess incredibly well – snacks and beer when we arrived, homemade elderflower soda, homemade salami, Slovenian wine with basque chicken, salad, a cheese course with french bread and a heavier Slovenian wine, and the finale: double chocolate brownies with walnut ice cream. It was fantastic! We played a little ping pong and became friends with the horses – Bob and Bryn. It was still pretty hot in the afternoon when we arrived, but as evening set it cooled down. And best of all, she had a real bathroom! We both enjoyed our little dinner party and the chance to hear someone else’s opinion of Slovenia.

Dinner at Josie’s – her view!


Josie’s house

Gorgeous scenery

Bob & Bryn

Homemade salami

Yesterday was our day off. So we decided to spend the day at Terme Čatež, a resort a couple of towns away with a water park. In fact, Terme Čatež has Slovenia’s biggest water park. We borrowed John and Nathalie’s bikes and rode about 15km. It was no Schlitterbahn (much smaller and cheaper), but it was great to be in the water. We swam, went down a few of the slides (there were only 5 total), and relaxed in the shade with our books. We even had dinner at a restaurant just outside of the park. The pizzas were delicious! Some of the best we have had thus far. Then we began the bike ride back… not a fun ride. It was mostly uphill and we were filled with pizza. It took about an hour and ten minutes, but we finally made it back to John and Nathalie’s. We ended our evening with movie night – Shutter Island. They have a projector and a white cloth so that we can watch it in the living area/our bedroom. The best part of the night though was the installation of a FAN by our bed!! It made such a difference. What a glorious feeling – air being blown on your face. Needless to say, we both slept incredibly well last night.

Going to Terme Čatež

Cow Crossing in 1km

The Sava and Krka Rivers meeting

Terme Čatež!



I fell.

Our bike ride home



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